Sweet - The Ballroom Blitz (Official Video)

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Brian Connolly - lead vocals
Andy Scott - guitar, synthesizer, vocals
Steve Priest - bass, vocals
Mick Tucker - drums, percussion, vocals
The recording was produced by Phil Wainman.
The song was written by Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn
Single Chart Positions:
Germany: 1
Australia: 1
Canada: 1
Denmark: 1
Ireland: 1
Great Britain: 2
Norway: 2
Switzerland: 3
Sweden: 3
South Africa: 3
Netherlands: 4
Austria: 5
USA: 5
Finland: 10
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  • Schy Mark

    Schy Mark

    25 minuten geleden

    Can't say enough about the fashion statement these "guys" made with their colors and outfits.
    O yeah the eye makeup too

  • jacob Otoole

    jacob Otoole

    8 uur geleden

    Be honest- you came here from regular show

  • Julie B.

    Julie B.

    14 uur geleden

    such hysterical fun

  • Vladimir Polikpashev

    Vladimir Polikpashev

    15 uur geleden


  • John Carroll

    John Carroll

    18 uur geleden

    Where they all gay??? Just realised/wondered now.

  • Jorge Graça

    Jorge Graça

    21 uur geleden

    Most people hated when they replaced Queen's Seven Seas of Rhye for this song in the Borderlands 3 trailler. Am I the only one who thinks the mojo and theme of this song suits so much better?

  • Nahuel Puch

    Nahuel Puch

    Dag geleden

    Alguien latino

  • Karvert


    Dag geleden

    Playing over people fighting for toilet paper

  • del Carmen Gonzales

    del Carmen Gonzales

    Dag geleden

    vengo de Wayca

  • grindupBaker


    2 dagen geleden

    Boy as a Reactionary Old Geezer so old that Justin & Doug said RCMP will arrest me if they catch me out bicycling right now I long for those Good Old Days to return when everything was cut'n'dried and none of this modern mumbo jumbo & nobody knows who's a boy, a girl, or a funny mix with an effelump thrown in like nowadays. That's when I go back to these simple music vids of my youth like this one.

  • Turnerwxa Junitandl

    Turnerwxa Junitandl

    2 dagen geleden

    Imagine this song playing on The local Walmart at Black friday.
    All these guys were prettier than my girlfriends in the 70's .

  • Falko Judwitt

    Falko Judwitt

    2 dagen geleden

    Top gut denke ich immer an damals PARTY.

  • Anonymous


    2 dagen geleden

    This is another good rock song
    Along with
    We are not gonna take it and more

  • Naomi Love

    Naomi Love

    3 dagen geleden

    Wayne's World!!

  • Nathan Rodriguez

    Nathan Rodriguez

    3 dagen geleden

    We have lost objective Charlie

  • Iveta Valachovičová

    Iveta Valachovičová

    3 dagen geleden


  • Monje Loco

    Monje Loco

    3 dagen geleden

    During the bar room blitz, these things were blowing each other in the "mens" room.....

  • larry landwer

    larry landwer

    3 dagen geleden

    Yup,I did a comic of sweet,they fucking rock!!!

  • Carson Betsinger

    Carson Betsinger

    3 dagen geleden

    friends of Gary Glitter I would imagine.

  • Lee A.C.E

    Lee A.C.E

    3 dagen geleden

    I singing along to this

  • Colin Brown

    Colin Brown

    3 dagen geleden

    Does anyone else know that here in England this record entered the chart at number two in 1973 but failed to go to number one this was only the second record in chart history to do this the other one was let it be by the Beatles kept off the top by Lee Marvin's wondering star this was held off the top by eye level the van der valk theme

  • Harry Carmichael

    Harry Carmichael

    4 dagen geleden

    Love the outfits - one of the first albums I ever bought '76 ?

  • Gabriela Orth

    Gabriela Orth

    4 dagen geleden

    Are you tired?

  • Marcus


    5 dagen geleden

    This music is never getting old :)

  • James Mack

    James Mack

    5 dagen geleden

    Imagine this playing in the grocery store during the Corona Panic
    Most underrated band ever!

  • ElDextrox ッ

    ElDextrox ッ

    5 dagen geleden

    Regular Show

  • mario mamo

    mario mamo

    5 dagen geleden

    This song and band brings memories of younger days when with my street friends used to go to a local club and playing this song and others on the JUKEBOX .What great days they where awesome.

  • Joe Joe

    Joe Joe

    6 dagen geleden

    Sheman the musical

  • Alexander Maldini

    Alexander Maldini

    6 dagen geleden

    The beginning tho

  • kimaya panash

    kimaya panash

    6 dagen geleden

    1974 release date of this song

  • typics01 yt

    typics01 yt

    6 dagen geleden

    Oww yeahhhhhh

  • Gene Murphy

    Gene Murphy

    6 dagen geleden

    Thumbs up if you listened to this in the 70’s til the isolation of the 20

  • peresoso galáctico

    peresoso galáctico

    6 dagen geleden

    Un show más?

  • Alessandra


    6 dagen geleden


  • Arian Jones

    Arian Jones

    7 dagen geleden

    Brill song

  • valentin castro

    valentin castro

    7 dagen geleden

    Quien más viene por un show más : )

  • Ray Gamino

    Ray Gamino

    7 dagen geleden

    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍2020! Isolated

  • nobody


    7 dagen geleden

    when americans start looting, fighting, and shooting each other during the coronavirus pandemic play this song

  • Turcottezem Myrlxso

    Turcottezem Myrlxso

    7 dagen geleden

    Does anyone else thinks this belonged in Rocky horror?
    Somebody in 2020? I love this song
    This was actually banned at my school, it started fights at the dances

  • Milford Barreda

    Milford Barreda

    7 dagen geleden

    Mick Tucker on drums absolutely drove this song along and was so brilliant.
    Does anyone else thinks this belonged in Rocky horror?
    R.I.P Brian and Mick

  • Eugene Malush

    Eugene Malush

    7 dagen geleden


  • Tania Sapinsky

    Tania Sapinsky

    7 dagen geleden

    ...So what's this song about?

  • Douglas Aprile

    Douglas Aprile

    7 dagen geleden

    Glam Rock?

  • Douglas Aprile

    Douglas Aprile

    7 dagen geleden

    the influence they had is heard in the 80.s and forward .

  • Douglas Aprile

    Douglas Aprile

    7 dagen geleden

    absolutely an underated time machine ... talent is overlooked!

  • Thunderbird


    8 dagen geleden

    Julien Bitoun and the Angels brought me here.
    (Bisous si vous lisez ça)

  • Серж ВЫСОТА

    Серж ВЫСОТА

    8 dagen geleden


  • Sound System

    Sound System

    8 dagen geleden

    2050 aun se escucha

  • Johnny flash

    Johnny flash

    8 dagen geleden


  • The Ballistic Housewife

    The Ballistic Housewife

    8 dagen geleden

    only just noticed his fly is down :D

  • Ann O'Connell

    Ann O'Connell

    8 dagen geleden

    Takes me way back to high school. My sisters and I saw this fabulous group in concert.



    8 dagen geleden

    Brilliant times when we could get hammered for a fiver 20 fags 2 bob watch bands like this get a shag and drive home!!!! You poor suckers...70's rocked never to be replaced

    • werriboy55


      3 dagen geleden

      Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end. Tip of the hat to Mary Hopkins.

  • Agata Zielinska

    Agata Zielinska

    9 dagen geleden

    Back to my very very youth...

  • Marike Wienefoet official

    Marike Wienefoet official

    9 dagen geleden

    Who's here because Jennifer L. Armentrout?

  • Bibliophile Gallivanter

    Bibliophile Gallivanter

    9 dagen geleden

    Am I the only one who thinks that these guys are gays ! 🌈😬

    • mi channnal

      mi channnal

      8 dagen geleden

      wishful thinking on your part

  • BogusMojo


    9 dagen geleden

    Wait...a dude sings this song?!?!?

  • Lorenzo Fuentes

    Lorenzo Fuentes

    9 dagen geleden


  • Aayam Oza

    Aayam Oza

    10 dagen geleden

    yeah, we ballroom blitz over toilet paper

  • playboyshane1984


    10 dagen geleden

    Does anyone else thinks this belonged in Rocky horror?
    All these guys were prettier than my girlfriends in the 70's .
    I'm glad i live in an era where my girlfriend will not be stolen by those guys

  • Fahim A

    Fahim A

    10 dagen geleden

    ballroom isolation

  • -


    11 dagen geleden


  • Melissa Means

    Melissa Means

    11 dagen geleden

    I'm glad i live in an era where my girlfriend will not be stolen by those guys
    Thumbs Up If you're listening this song 45 years Later.

    in 2018.

  • Marcelo Cespedes

    Marcelo Cespedes

    11 dagen geleden

    Queeeeeeee rolonnn

  • bernadette miralles berenguer

    bernadette miralles berenguer

    11 dagen geleden

    Listening music i like, while I stay at home!!! corona virus is outside!!!!

  • Жорик Вартанов

    Жорик Вартанов

    12 dagen geleden

    Всё кажетса наизусть знаешь но проходит какое то время и опять всё по новой погромче и просто улёт это же вечно думаетса все причём из 70х и 80х

  • E. Simpson Joseph

    E. Simpson Joseph

    12 dagen geleden

    Watching this at nearly 60 years of age makes me realise how lucky I was to be young when I was.

  • Wendi Wasden

    Wendi Wasden

    12 dagen geleden

    I want this played at my wedding

  • German Ariza

    German Ariza

    13 dagen geleden

    muchos recuerdos me trae este grupo britanico



    13 dagen geleden

    Regular show?

  • Dolas Raviulch

    Dolas Raviulch

    13 dagen geleden

    Regular Show?

  • Happy Onion

    Happy Onion

    14 dagen geleden

    NicoB brought me here 💖

  • Matthew


    14 dagen geleden

    Whis is me literally me i feel i wanna punch someone cause im freking bored from this self quarantine

  • Ana Cadenas

    Ana Cadenas

    14 dagen geleden

    Excelente banda 23 marzo 2020 aun escuchando bella musica ❤️😍

  • Gregory Palacios

    Gregory Palacios

    14 dagen geleden

    Hell man , what a great tune. Calm blue ocean. Relax and have faith. Tough times don't last but tough people do. we will get thru this. Go Sweet !

  • juan gonzales

    juan gonzales

    14 dagen geleden

    Sin duda uno de los temas que más ha bailado la juventud de ayer
    por su tremenda musicalidad que han impuesto en este buen disco
    un esfuerzo sobrehumano que debe ocupar los primeros lugares.

  • Beth Freschi

    Beth Freschi

    14 dagen geleden

    Stuck at home listening and sharing my favs!!!!!

    • Mark Brown

      Mark Brown

      14 dagen geleden

      Beth Freschi Right On ! Just like the rest of us! I think subconsciously all I want to do is a ballroom blitz to the nearest Margaritaville for one!😦 Because I drink alone.....yeah, .....with nobody else ...yeah, you know if I don't drink alone...Ill be dead like everyone else.........yup ive lost it🤤

  • High priestess Gabagool

    High priestess Gabagool

    14 dagen geleden

    0:09 me and the boys trynna get all the toilet roll before it's sold out

  • Cindy Roll

    Cindy Roll

    14 dagen geleden

    YES!! Stuck in the 70s

  • Roadkills Films

    Roadkills Films

    15 dagen geleden

    And this song was meant to be used in the scene of Mr. Blonde torturing Nash the cop in Reservoir Dogs.

  • Joe Evers

    Joe Evers

    15 dagen geleden