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โšก๏ธBut I'm still learning to love myself
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โ–ถ๏ธ Halsey
๐ŸŽค Lyrics: Halsey - Still Learning
[Intro: Halsey]
Oh, oh
[Verse 1: Halsey]
I should be living the dream
But I'm livin' with a security team
And that ain'tโ€…gonnaโ€…change, no
I gotโ€…a paranoia in me
And you wouldn'tโ€…believe
Everything that I seen, no
Comin' apart at the seams
And no one around me knows
[Pre-Chorus: Halsey]
Who I am, what I'm on
Who I've hurt and where they've gone
I know that I've done some wrong
But I'm tryna make it right
To the one I love, paint me wrong
Give me a light now (Oh-oh)
You know that I love you
[Chorus: Halsey]
But I'm still learning to love myself
(To love my-, to love my-, to love my-)
I'm still learning to love myself
(To love my-, to love my-, to love my-) Yeah, yeah
[Verse 2: Halsey]
I should be living the dream
But I go home and I got no self-esteem (No)
You think I'm swimmin' in green
But it's passed around my family tree
No man wants to really commit
Intimidated 'cause I get paid and shit
In the crowd, you're readin' my lips
But no one around me knows
[Pre-Chorus: Halsey]
Who I am, what I'm on
Who I've hurt and where they've gone
I know that I've done some wrong
But I'm tryna make it right
The same mistakes on and on
To all my friends, I'm sorry for
You know that I love you
[Chorus: Halsey]
But I'm still learning (I'm still learning) to love myself
(To love my-, to love my-, to love my-) Yeah, yeah
But I'm still learning (I'm still learning) to love myself (To love myself)
(To love my-, to love my-, to love my-) Yeah, yeah (Oh, oh)
Oh, I try and I try to remember sometimes
If I breathe, it's alright, but something's don't change
But I'm still learning (I'm still learning) to love myself (To love myself)
(To love my-, to love my-, to love myself)
[Bridge: Halsey]

Who I've hurt and where they've gone
I know that I've done some wrong
But I'm tryna make it right
To the one I love, paint me wrong
Give me a light now (To the ones I love)
To the ones I love
[Chorus: Halsey]
But I'm still learning to love myself
(To love my-, to love my-, to love my-) Yeah, yeah
I'm still learning (I'm still learning) to love myself (To love myself)
(To love my-, to love my-, to love my-, ooh)
I try and I try to remember sometimes
If I breathe, it's alright, but something's don't change
I'm still learning (I'm still learning) to love myself (I'm still learning)
To love myself, tryna love myself
[Outro: Halsey]
I'm still learning to love myself
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      Learning to love myself...Iโ€™m actually going through anxiety and I love listening to these songs....thank u so much for these awesome music :)

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    I just got here by chance great song fantastic lryically just amazing tells me that life takes a person through the many walks of life. You can interpret it how you wish to for any walks of life. My gergous husband would love to well lets just say you'll you see what i mean too this horrible man what he did too me using diff way of coarse . You'll understand when i tell my story. I met a man from Warrington uk Manchester lives in cheshire area michael Billones stold lots and lots of money from me user and a thief con lier Manipulator and a predator of the bad kind. I had to remove my picture from my profile not to recognized the way it started seeing my pic on comment i made on a song yutube. Watchout for social media careful if my story helps one girl its worth it. He'll never find happiness only fake people in his life has no respect for nobody not even himself or remorse for what hes done too me this happened a while back but it stays with you doesn't go away that easy taken for a fool . Not even my type very unatractive and a thief con lier Manipulator horrible person . Thank god i never went to see him got away just in time from this horrible man. Big time NARCISSIST. He blames the world for his mistakes takes no ownership blames his friends and co workers and family. I've realised that I had no feelings for him just felt sorry and believed his sob stories thought I could save him i felt sorry for him and his kids what a fool can't believe that I was taken. But im very strong woman today Good always wins evil. Still was a huge learning exprience writing this helps me . Please don't remove this message yutube want the world to know about this horrible person who destroyed my life huge mistake lesson learned. But he will never win no body will last with this idiot thinks life is one big party . Im the happiest girl in the world now because im a great person. Corupt Fillipino works as a chef in WARRINGTON uk Manchester in a pub 20min away from cheshire area . Karma is a great cycle of life will do too him what he deserves. May he get back one day what he dished out straight up bad person. Learned a valuable lesson in life. Don't forget this coward name MICHEAL BILLONES also has a accohol problem and woman Thank you for reading my story, to this great song and talented Halsey............much respect new fan . Fantastic lryics.........๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต

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