Halsey - Nightmare

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  • Jenny Stine

    Jenny Stine

    9 uur geleden

    Omg I fucking love her. She gives me life.

  • emina gracanin

    emina gracanin

    9 uur geleden

    The truth is blood is sweet

  • Wendigo


    12 uur geleden

    Time passes when youre listening to good music

  • Lele Cute

    Lele Cute

    15 uur geleden

    Still in love with the song and the video! 👀❤

  • Done Bellamingle

    Done Bellamingle

    18 uur geleden

    To sexy

  • Kerry-leigh Reddy

    Kerry-leigh Reddy

    19 uur geleden

    2:28 when my mom told me to vacuum and I forgot till I hear her car pull up

  • DannyMac


    22 uur geleden

    All those 77k dislikes are sexist people

  • Horacio Jasso

    Horacio Jasso

    Dag geleden

    Nightmare from avenged sevenfold is better than this crap

  • juli abrahamian

    juli abrahamian

    Dag geleden

    what a powerful music video and song!!!!

  • cris alvarez

    cris alvarez

    Dag geleden

    this rememberme s&m from rihana.

  • haz


    Dag geleden

    did anyone know at 1:41 at the newspaper has halsey new album name, manic🤭

  • AniMan Melayu

    AniMan Melayu

    2 dagen geleden
  • Aiden Cordell

    Aiden Cordell

    2 dagen geleden

    Did anyone else realize that at 1:40 the title of the newspaper says “Manic” which is also the title of her newest album? HER MINDDD

  • Amir Hakim

    Amir Hakim

    2 dagen geleden

    I love barbie

  • Magdalena Savić

    Magdalena Savić

    2 dagen geleden


  • Jean-Ru van Zyl

    Jean-Ru van Zyl

    2 dagen geleden

    From the depths our angels come to carry us to hell as those we look up to select their champion out of spite and ignorance.
    They do not care truly. It only matters if they're involved and if you are not part of their utopia you are dust.

    I give up on artists and media for the lies can NEVER be forgiven

  • Donát Keresztes

    Donát Keresztes

    2 dagen geleden

    this is so good bcuz you can find every era and every mood of halsey there's the sexy the angry the crazy the yungblud the g-eazy there's everything you need or want

  • Saleena Stone

    Saleena Stone

    2 dagen geleden

    Everyone's distracted in the attraction.
    The devil in it all, seeking merely his satisfaction. Tempted by the lure of "everyone's" opinion, so to not look like the outcast, although trapped, in his sly dominion

  • Emily C.

    Emily C.

    2 dagen geleden

    I'm tired and angry but somebody should be 😍

  • anime anime

    anime anime

    2 dagen geleden

    When She said I pinch my skin and wish I can cut some parts off I agree whith her



    2 dagen geleden

    Love Debdie xxx

  • Defne Durmaz

    Defne Durmaz

    2 dagen geleden

    Dont use metallica pls because if James Hatfield see this song he will start drinking again

  • Nasi Pex

    Nasi Pex

    3 dagen geleden


  • lєуlιαи- втѕ

    lєуlιαи- втѕ

    3 dagen geleden

    We need more of this shit

  • sarahtrees1


    3 dagen geleden

    That sign that says “you smile asshole” IS LIFE

  • mr.unlucky


    3 dagen geleden

    I've tasted my Blood it is really sweet everyone should taste it..
    Not mine just try yours or others

  • Beauty Techniek

    Beauty Techniek

    3 dagen geleden

    A great song about morbid jealousy and how they try to give you delusion guilt and shame for things you did not do. This song deserves a grammy, because it is more original and a lot of underage people are experiencing bullying and abuse. Physical and sexual abuse has been linked to endometriosis.

  • kursed parasite

    kursed parasite

    3 dagen geleden

    Dang she get a boob job?🤔

  • Kati e

    Kati e

    3 dagen geleden

    Cara Delevingne, Suki Waterhouse, and Debbie Harry :0

  • Julian Jimenez

    Julian Jimenez

    3 dagen geleden

    I looked up nightmare I wanted avenged sevenfold but I saw this and was curious. Honestly I’m disappointed, but on the flip side I at least know I need to look up nightmare avenged sevenfold. So yay?

  • Ilona Rom

    Ilona Rom

    3 dagen geleden

    I would watch the reaction of BTS to this clip🤔🤭

  • Ewa


    4 dagen geleden

    just realised her newspaper says MANIC. God damn it, as Good as Taylor Swift Easter eggs

  • Hurja


    4 dagen geleden

    is this intro some kind of enter sandman parody?

  • hardik maind

    hardik maind

    4 dagen geleden

    man .....you are amazing love from india

  • Csipkó Bence

    Csipkó Bence

    4 dagen geleden




    4 dagen geleden


  • Allison Argent

    Allison Argent

    4 dagen geleden

    Ok I see Cara, but how is no one talking about Ryan Destiny😍

  • Lily-chan xXNekoXx

    Lily-chan xXNekoXx

    4 dagen geleden

    I've been looking for this house for years

  • Francisco Ferraris

    Francisco Ferraris

    4 dagen geleden

    Sólo que debo va con B

  • Robyn Wilson

    Robyn Wilson

    4 dagen geleden

    Three underrated things in this video:
    Blondie looking as amazing as ever
    Cara DeLevigne stoop chest to chest with Halsey, both in pantsuits.
    The Dreamcatcher symbolism

  • D A

    D A

    4 dagen geleden

    This Aries song ♈️

  • Ediz Emen

    Ediz Emen

    4 dagen geleden

    Ahlaksız cehennemde yanıcaksın

  • Syava7_ Ligalizee

    Syava7_ Ligalizee

    5 dagen geleden

    Русскоговорящий кто смотрит

  • William Reid

    William Reid

    5 dagen geleden

    THANK YOU🏀🏀🏀💨💨💨🏀

  • Billie johnsons

    Billie johnsons

    5 dagen geleden


  • Billie johnsons

    Billie johnsons

    5 dagen geleden

    She gives me vibes of P!nk

  • L i o _

    L i o _

    5 dagen geleden

    77 k dislike anti-feminist

    • Jean-Ru van Zyl

      Jean-Ru van Zyl

      2 dagen geleden

      there is a reason for it and i agree with it

  • Amy Faith

    Amy Faith

    5 dagen geleden

    This is a nightmare to boys who don't like bad girls and a dream to those who do

  • Blandwhistle8


    5 dagen geleden

    Who else came here cuz it came up when u look up nightmare by a7x?

  • J


    5 dagen geleden

    Halsey is decent quality for todays culture, but is contrary and challenging to the undercover submissive culture played out by today's lost unempowered/dependent female youth.

  • Luli UwU

    Luli UwU

    6 dagen geleden


  • Tela


    6 dagen geleden

    I really understand why she said (i've tasted blood and its sweet)
    Its not just a normal line that pass by,
    As a girl i get thru problems that they made me fell like i tasted my own dirty blood just bcz how pain i was going thru.
    (Come'n lil lady ,give us a smile) this line snap me on face so hard, i was smiling like an idiot while my inside is crying, this song really change me alot.
    Everyline off this song is really meant to something so stop making fun of it if u cant understand the suruggle.

  • Ameen


    6 dagen geleden

    "I've tasted blood and it is sweet"
    Satanism/illuminati confirmed.

  • Dakota Higgins

    Dakota Higgins

    6 dagen geleden

    I love how it's a song to empower women but there all dressed like hoes. And I guarantee there's gonna be somebody telling ma that that's not right me saying that you should appreciate women and not just there body's but come on there are multiple vagina grabbing scenes

  • Maritha Perex

    Maritha Perex

    6 dagen geleden

    i love the song but i don't understand

  • Alex


    6 dagen geleden

    1:41 she gave us the album name way before and we didnt get it

  • princess cute

    princess cute

    7 dagen geleden

    I really liked the clip I think it took some work to make this clip

  • screamingmimi90


    7 dagen geleden

    I’m an older lady and I wonder how many of you recognize Debbie Harry? Her stage name was Blondie and she was making music in the 70’s. She is shown at the end of the video and she looks amazing. Part of her personality is that she refuses to get any plastic surgery to keep herself looking young. She is adamant that women are beautiful and get more beautiful as they age. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blondie_(band)
    Also, part of the many looks Halsey is wearing in this video is reminiscent of many powerful people—both female and black. The sport coat and is similar to Blondie; the burning car and her kicking it is reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s controversial (at the time) scene in his video for “Black or White” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_or_White; Madonna was at the forefront of the sexual empowerment of women in the 80’s, and Halsey is seen wearing clothes like Madonna wore. I’m sure there are more that I’m missing.
    I am 50 years old and I have a daughter with bipolar I. She uses Halsey’s music to help stabilize her moods. My daughter is 23 years old and she has suffered for half her life with bipolar I disorder. She has dysphoric mania, which is characterized by psychosis, paranoia and sometimes aggression. Many bipolar people get mania and feel energized and invincible. My daughter has hallucinations and paranoia instead. She has been dangerously ill many times. If any of this sounds familiar, please find an experienced psychiatrist who knows what to do. Medication has helped my daughter find stability while being able to use her amazing mind to it’s fullest. Too many brilliant people are lost to this condition. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/bipolar-disorder/symptoms-causes/syc-20355955 I send my best to anyone who struggles with bipolar disorder. May your mind be free to express itself safely.❤️❤️❤️

    • screamingmimi90


      Dag geleden

      Nikol Stowell ❤️

    • Nikol Stowell

      Nikol Stowell

      2 dagen geleden

      your daughter is blessed to have you. many parents don't understand mental health issues and dont take them seriously, let alone be an advocate. thank you.

    • screamingmimi90


      2 dagen geleden

      F!za thank you for supporting me! I’m not upset by what Myra said. It’s all good.❤️

    • screamingmimi90


      2 dagen geleden

      Myra Bae I know what you mean. I didn’t know that about Debbie Harry.

    • Myra Bae

      Myra Bae

      2 dagen geleden

      I am sure screaming Mimi has had a hard time... I'm shiting on celebrities that spent a narrative that is obviously false

  • Dione Auld

    Dione Auld

    7 dagen geleden

    Like piggy

  • Nick R

    Nick R

    7 dagen geleden

    77 thousand down votes. That's alot.

  • take_me_to_church 00

    take_me_to_church 00

    7 dagen geleden

    Türk yok mu aq

  • Angela Schweda

    Angela Schweda

    7 dagen geleden

    How come this song didn't make the cut for The Manic album?

  • syam babu

    syam babu

    7 dagen geleden

    This is to that 1%, who noticed that Cara Delevingne is in this video

  • Jordan


    7 dagen geleden

    she's fucking psycho lol

  • Kim Ngan Le

    Kim Ngan Le

    7 dagen geleden

    I searched the word "nightmare" because I had had nightmares for over a week. Those nightmares worth it.

  • Bricks by Lunix

    Bricks by Lunix

    7 dagen geleden

    wow, ur sexy

  • kitt648


    7 dagen geleden


  • Jessy Orange

    Jessy Orange

    7 dagen geleden


  • Dennis Brozic

    Dennis Brozic

    7 dagen geleden

    Halsey you are awesome , You just know how to put yourself out there in the sexiest most awesome way, keep it up girl :) :)

  • StarrPhototype


    7 dagen geleden


  • shelly schwartz

    shelly schwartz

    7 dagen geleden

    Halsey it's back

  • Aj na

    Aj na

    7 dagen geleden

    02:18 this is just for me, i love this part

  • Norin UwU

    Norin UwU

    7 dagen geleden

    I bet Halsey enjoyed filming this

  • Kery_Mer


    7 dagen geleden

    I love Halsey♥

  • Minty Sparlie

    Minty Sparlie

    8 dagen geleden

    1:54 Thats Me Gettin Beat Up

  • Adriana Contreras

    Adriana Contreras

    8 dagen geleden

    What, why didn't you notice Cara Delevingne coming out? almost a year and I'm barely noticing Cara

  • Moldir


    8 dagen geleden


  • Mehdi M

    Mehdi M

    8 dagen geleden

    The one and only nightmare in thes days is coronavirus.

  • LittleKyungri19


    8 dagen geleden

    director: how many girls do you want in this video?
    halsey: yes

  • lanaa Montgomery

    lanaa Montgomery

    8 dagen geleden

    She's the one who made me bisexuals that was years ago and here I am still listening to her

    • The Alternative Non-Conformist

      The Alternative Non-Conformist

      4 dagen geleden

      Lol she might have been the first woman you were attracted to but you can't be "made " bisexual, you're born that way.🌈