Candy Dulfer - Happiness (live bij Evers Staat Op)

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  • Андрей Бессонов

    Андрей Бессонов

    9 maanden geleden

    Люблю всякий импровизон

  • icing on the puck

    icing on the puck

    10 maanden geleden


  • Ben R

    Ben R

    Jaar geleden

    love you always....

  • Susan Chavez

    Susan Chavez

    Jaar geleden

    I sing this to my cats every morning. They don't like my singing but I buy their cat food. They give me happiness. Candy are you ever going to come to Tucson AZ?

  • Andrea Walcovy

    Andrea Walcovy

    Jaar geleden

    I listen to this right after i wake up, it makes the day go REALLY WELL.
    if I can stay in that mindset

  • titou_hmi Massilia

    titou_hmi Massilia

    2 jaar geleden

    la classe de Candy ..elle s adapte à toute sorte de son

  • liam scullion

    liam scullion

    3 jaar geleden

    You make me happy candy

  • zvonko andric

    zvonko andric

    3 jaar geleden

    magnifique !!!

  • francis guzman

    francis guzman

    3 jaar geleden

    How is the singer???

    • Marty McFly

      Marty McFly

      Jaar geleden

      francis guzman Ricardo Burgrust a.k.a. Phatt

  • ReemkProd


    5 jaar geleden

    Superbe !! Big up from Paris , France !!! A lot of kisses Candy :-)

  • je young lee

    je young lee

    5 jaar geleden


  • Bruno Mereu

    Bruno Mereu

    5 jaar geleden

    Great voice!!!

  • theurgi3


    5 jaar geleden

    waaaaaawww....te gekk!!!! Lekkkeerrr Nummer man:)

  • Kevin Goodall

    Kevin Goodall

    6 jaar geleden

    This music is incredible 

  • Planet Music

    Planet Music

    6 jaar geleden

    super like..

  • Jafeth Jacobs

    Jafeth Jacobs

    6 jaar geleden

    check out the original bij Sam Sparro!

  • Mart Meijer

    Mart Meijer

    6 jaar geleden

    2:07 WTF!!

  • TFE niname

    TFE niname

    6 jaar geleden

    If you doin't have happiness in your life, watch then this: