2018 PD World Championship STD | Final | Moscow, RUS | DanceSport Total

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2018 PD World Championship STD | Final | Moscow, RUS

  • Helge Christophersen

    Helge Christophersen

    17 dagen geleden

    The last dance, the winners´dance, was a DEEP disappointment. They ruined the ESSENCE of waltz, being on time with the music.
    This was crazy chaos, not stately waltz, with the beauty of perfect timing and musicality.
    Nicolay Darin and Natalia are MUCH better in waltz, really experts, very good timing, excellent musicality, and they won the following year.
    Nicolay and Natalia are two of the most musical dancers ever seen.They deserved to win not only 2019, but 2018 as well.

  • Евгения Вовкотруб

    Евгения Вовкотруб

    2 maanden geleden

    11 и 42 супер

  • Deb Carsey

    Deb Carsey

    11 maanden geleden

    What’s with the nut jobs teenagers with noisemakers?!!!! Sheesh. Should have been escorted out!!!

  • Tehilah Caviness

    Tehilah Caviness

    Jaar geleden

    Did some of the women change their dresses for the final round? If so that’s a really interesting tactic.

  • Verka Sedova .

    Verka Sedova .

    Jaar geleden

    Я тоже занимаюсь бальными танцами 👍

  • Danzer Tango

    Danzer Tango

    Jaar geleden

    Bjorn and Ahsli are amazing! They're much much better now!

  • 林瑞民


    Jaar geleden

    Yes. Taiwan.

  • viana filipe

    viana filipe

    Jaar geleden

    Donatas and Lina... You are simply the best! Don't care about the result! Everyone knows who is/are the best! (Respecting Bjorn and Ashli)

  • Pro100Tony


    Jaar geleden

    Tango у 11 шедеврально 👍

  • Maria Marderfeld

    Maria Marderfeld

    Jaar geleden

    It looks like circus or football match, but not professional ballroom competition. Donatas and Lina are the best here!

    • Hendrik Saxum

      Hendrik Saxum

      Jaar geleden

      obviously not! They clearly lost all dances against Björn and Ashley - as favorites!

  • Studio Margalima

    Studio Margalima

    Jaar geleden

    I find it a very unusual result...

    • Martin Schlichting

      Martin Schlichting

      Jaar geleden

      For me they also had the better musicality.

    • Hendrik Saxum

      Hendrik Saxum

      Jaar geleden

      Unexpected but absolutely fair in my opinion. Björn and Ashley have danced with a lot more heart and technically caught up enormously.

  • Ajaz Bhatt

    Ajaz Bhatt

    Jaar geleden

    What type of salsa is it